Sewell & Son Sewer

Broken Sewer Lines serving Skokie IL and surrounding communities.

If you have a Broken sewer line, high-volume leak, a sewer line blockage or the water is
backing up into your home, call us right away before more damage occurs to your home or business.

The most common cause of sewer line issues is tree roots. Larger trees can sometimes spell trouble for your sewer lines because they are relentless in finding moisture underground.
The tree roots are always in search of water and moisture and will eventually branch out below the surface to reach a near-by sewer pipe line. The roots will then cause small cracks to develop in the sewer line which can eventually cause it to leak or even break. This can mean major repairs  and expenses for the property owner. However, if caught early and with proper sewer pipe repair or replacement, the repairs can be made without tearing up the whole yard and may cost a lot less in certain situations.

Common Sewer Problems We encounter:

A plugged street drain or catch basin
Water gushing out of a manhole
An overflowing stormwater sump
Water seeping in through the basement walls or foundation
Sound of water running in pipes when all taps are shut
An overflowing toilet, floor or shower drain, tub or sink
Water bubbling up on your lawn or yard
Basement plumbing fixtures drain slowly
Sewer odour inside your home

Sewell And Son Plumbing and Sewer Inc is located in Skokie IL and has been serving the Chicagoland area since 1975.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the very best in service, installation and repair for all phases of your plumbing needs. We specialize in a variety of residential services and take pride in the attention to detail put into each of the projects we’re involved with. We’re known for our quality work and the integrity of our business. We look forward to building long term relationships with our clients and guarantee your satisfaction.

Services Offered:

  • Plumbing
  • Sewer Repair
  • Sewer Rodding
  • Clear Sewer Main
  • Clear Drain Clog or Blockage
  • Sump Pump or Foundation Drain Install
  • Drain Line Breakage Camera Locate
  • Flood Control / Installs / Repairs / Maintenance
  • Camera Sewer Lines
  • Back Up Systems
  • Free Estimates: we offer free estimates.
  • We are Certified, Bonded and Insured

Plumbing Services

If you are looking for friendly courteous plumbing in Chicago and surrounding suburbs look no further. We provide our customers with the highest quality plumbing service and we stand behind our work 100 percent.

Flood Control Systems

A Flood Control System installation is a preventative measure to prevent sewer back-ups from village and city sewer from entering your home.

Sewell Plumbing Inc uses only high quality materials and workmanship to insure a secure operating system for your home. With that comes the insurance of over 40 years of experience and expertise.

Sewer Video Camera Inspection

State of the Art Sewer Video Camera Inspection

we use state of the art high resolution video camera to inspect the sewer and pipes and to locate the issue and determine the best way to resolve the problem.

Our skilled technicians use this new video technology to scope out the pipe’s interior without causing damage to the pipe. Typically, this process consists of lowering a special camera into the pipe, and guiding the camera through the pipe by cable or remote controlled tractor until the clog is found.
Once the problem is identified, we can then take the necessary measures to quickly restore proper flow.

Sewer Services

If you suspect some obstruction is blocking your sewer’s water flow, call us. We will dispatch one of our technicians to perform a video sewer inspection to find the root cause of the problem and fix it once and for all.

Sewage Pump / Ejector Pump

We install a selection of sewage ejector pumps. Sewage ejector pumps, also called sewage pumps are used when there are toilets below the public or private sewer line. If waste can’t flow to the sewer line, the sewage pump is used to lift the waste to be discharged into the sewer system.

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Why Choose Us

    • Family owned & operated.
    • In business for over 48 years.
    • Fast, reliable and affordable.
    • We guarantee the best prices.
    • Licensed, bonded & insured.
    • Free estimates.
    • No trip charge.
    • We are a 24-hour emergency service.
    • #1 recognized plumbing company in the Village of Skokie.
    • State-of-the-art Camera Inspection Equipment
    • We treat our customers like family.
      3419 Madison St, Skokie, IL 60076, United States

Plumbing and Sewer Services:

Plumbing Service
Sewer Service
Water Line Repair
Water Heater Repair
Sump Pump Repairs
Flood Control System
Kitchen Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
Water Heater Repair and Replacements
Outdoor Leak Detection
Flooded Basement
Sewer and Drain Repair and Replacement
Sinks & Faucets
Shower valve installation and repair
Drain lines
Drain cleaning
Water lines
Water pressure regulators